How Our Invoice Factoring Works:

In general invoice factoring is based upon the ability of your customers to pay the invoice. This means that if you have bad credit it's usually not a problem! When we being working with companies to do factoring we will as for a list of cusotmers which you want to use invoice factoring on. Once a customer is approved we pay you next day for those invoices. You can use the funds how you wish so this is a great way to buy that equipment you cannot get financed elsewhere! Visit our invoice factoring website:



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Step 1

Deliver Your Goods Or Services

You provide delivery of the goods and/or services to your customer.

Step 2

Submit The Invoice to Us

Your company generates an invoice & faxes it to us to factor.

step 3

You are Paid Immediately

We wire you cas for 70-90& of that invoice typically in 24 hours!

step 4

We Close The Invoice

We collect the invoice and pay you the remaining balance less our small fee. Get a quote today!


What is Invoice Factoring?

Accounts receivable invoice factoring is the purchase of your current, valid accounts receivables or invoices for cash. You send us the invoice and we front a percentage (70-90%) of the cash at the time the invoice is received. We collect the remainder of the invoice and remit it to you, as received, less our small fee. Get your free factoring quote today. Visit our factoring website at


What Are The Fees For Invoice Factoring?

Fees are determined by the total amount of invoices you factor, the average size of the invoices for factoring, the time the invoice is out, and the industry the invoice comes from. For a quote call us today.


How Long Does Set-up & Funding Take With Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring takes a few days to set-up. Once you are set up, you generate & send us the invoice for factoring, and funding can often take place within 24 hours.


I Have Bad Credit... Do I, or Does My Company, Need Good Credit For Invoice Factoring?
The short answer is no. With invoice factoring, your client's credit is more important than yours. We can even do start-ups.

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Invoice Factoring For Bad Credit


Invoice factoring or accounts receivable invoice financing is a great way to turn your invoices into immediate cash. Stop waiting for your customers to pay your invoices! Call 888-595-4422 to see how accounts receivable invoice factoring can help you.


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