Bad Credit Equipment Financing Solutions (Pick One):

Bad Credit Financing

Working Capital Loan

Invoice Factoring

Use Company Strength To Help Short-Term Working Capital Loans Get Working Capital For Invoices
In many cases we can provide financing for damaged credit, or bad credit if you can show strong company financinals or alternate income. This income can be either strong positive company cash flow ($200,000+ per year in annual sales) or additional outside income such as a working spouse, rental income, retirement income, etc. We also offer a collateral based financing option for bad credit customers. If you need a short term working capital solutions we can help! Our short term working capital loans are anywhere from 6-12 months and offer customers a way to get funds now to grow your business. If your company has a 100,000 dollars in annual revenue and you carry a bank balance of 3K+ we can help you even if you have a credit score as low as 500 or have only been in business for 1 year (no start-ups please). We not only offer some of the most flexible equipment financing for bad credit but we also give working capital through invoice factoring. This program pulls working capital out of your invoices so you do not have to wait 30 - 90+ days to get paid. Invoice Factoring is a great way to use the strenth of other companies even if you have bad creditl. Factoring website:
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The Application Process For Damaged or Bad Credit Equipment Financing:

To determine if we will be able to help you with your equipment financing needs is simple! To apply for factoring we simply need an application. To apply for working capital we need an application and 6 months bank statements. To apply for financing please provide:

Bad Credit Equipment Financing Application Get Working Capital Factoring For Bad Credit

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Bad Credit Equipment Financing Programs


The bad economy has damaged many business owners credit & company credit. We realize that as things pick up there is a need to provide bad credit financing for those companies which were hurt but now are looking to replace, upgrade or add new equipment. We have 3 Equipment Financing Solutions For Bad Credit:


Additional Collateral Bad Credit Equipment Financing

Strong Company Cash Flow (C-Credit) Equipment Financing

Try A Working Capital Loan or Invoice Factoring Instead!

Bad Credit Equipment Financing From US Financial